Friday, July 30, 2010

Update: Blog posting schedule and format

I'm trying out a new format by posting Geopolitical topics on Fridays and reserving Mondays for miscellaneous (but non-geopolitical) news. I'll only post environmental topics on Fridays if they have a distinctly geopolitical focus. This means that I'll be posting 5 times per week, so I don't know if I can keep that up once I start traveling in October, but I'll try to maintain that intensity to build up a solid base of "essays," photographs, and links before leaving (though I will still try to maintain frequent posting while traveling around the world, though the focus may be related more to direct observations than traditionally researched articles or ideas as I'm attempting now).

This means that I'll keep the following schedule:
1. Miscellaneous Mondays: weekly news round up or links to videos, pictures, and sites worthy of notice.
2. Travel Tuesdays: Topics related to travel, including travel photographs.
3. Thursdays: Cool People Profiles
4. Fridays: Geopolitics, including environmental topics of a distinctly geopolitical nature.
5. Saturdays: Science Corner weekly reviews of scientific papers.

I've also added a new page with an RSS archive, which I'll use to create an RSS feed-inspired archive of all postings (about 255 character summary) so that readers don't have to go through the past posting archive at the bottom of each post. It is still a work in progress, but I have most of  June and July 2010 included and by the end of August, I'll have every post archived there for ease of access.

I'll continue to add pages (including a media archive) and redesign this blog before officially relaunching (thank you in the meanwhile to all those who have stumbled across this blog -- you are welcome to subscribe or give comments).

I'll begin traveling around the world in October 2010 and will continue traveling (though I may have layovers of a couple months to focus on research collaborations or writing) until about March 2012. My travels will include a scientific expedition to explore and monitor threatened coral reefs in the western Pacific and eastern Indian oceans that I'll elaborate more on by October when I know the complete schedule and scope. Depending on the length of that expedition (prerequisite upon funding) , which should begin in December 2010 or January 2011, I'll determine the rest of my travel schedule, though I'll be traveling around the United States in September 2010, Europe in October, and be in East Asia by November. The expedition will begin in the Philippines (Cebu) so I'll be there between late December 2010 and February 2011.

Once I begin traveling, especially during the scientific expedition phase of 2011, my internet connection will be variable at best, but I'll work very hard to prioritize updates. By October, I'll begin experimenting with Posterous and Twitter so that I can make posts by email and also because I anticipate posts while traveling (except during extended way points) to be shorter.

I hope that I'll continue to build a stronger blog with interesting and original content and photographs as the weeks and months continue.

Thanks for reading,


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