Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jean-Claude Van Damme calls Hong Kong home for last 3+ years

Just learned that Jean-Claude Van Damme has been living in Hong Kong for the last 3 years or so (of course he also spends some time in Brussels, but HK is now his "home")... I'd be curious if any of my Hong Kong-based friends ever saw him on the streets, even with the chances low. I never have in >10 visits to Hong Kong, albeit most visits were very short-term stops taking advantage of long or overnight layovers.

The Expendables 2 is upcoming soon. It will be nice to see if Van Damme can return to form considering he used to be so big and now has been stuck in a direct-to-video rut.
I still rank Bloodsport and Kickboxer among the top action films I've seen, even though parts of them are campy by today's standards.


  1. Hello. Do you know where he lives now? Please answer me on my blog :) Thank you!

    1. I only know that he's lived in Hong Kong for the last several years. He's mentioned this in print and online multiple times, and recently on the Howard Stern radio / tv show. I don't have a specific address for him though, sorry, but heard he lives near Olympic Station on Kowloon (where a lot of the rich expats live). No more specifics, sorry. But best of luck compiling info on other celebrities. Cheers!