Sunday, October 21, 2012

Okeanos Aquascaping: Osaka, Japan phonebooths converted to goldfish aquariums

For a number of years, I thought about how I could combine three of my favorite interests into a single profession: Japan, Coral Reefs, and Aquariums. I thought that I would have an aquaculture facility for deepwater rare tropical coral reef fish that I would fund through selling to the Japanese rare fish market (where deepwater reef fish typically sell for $1000 - $30,000 or more USD).

Working in the public aquariums sector several times over the path of my career I've never been satisfied with the idea of a typical home display aquarium. 

I've long thought about creating lap pool reef tanks or designing entire mesocosms whereby one aquarium that snakes around an entire room in a horseshoe shape goes from brackish water marshland on one end to deepwater coral reef at the other.

I thought I was alone in my visions... until I read about Okeanos Aquascaping. They are a small firm creating just such groundbreaking displays around the world... including a multi-million dollar concept they created for Robb Report that comes close to recreating a public aquarium in a person's home (article here).

But what really struck me about their group is their coverage of other unique aquariums around the world... including a group in Osaka Japan that is converting old telephone booths into sealed goldfish aquariums!

See the pictures below and the original article here! And when planning your next aquarium, think bigger than a box... and if you can't turn your own vision into a reality, hire someone qualified (like Okeanos Aquascaping) to execute your every wish.

Pictures from the blog article: Ring Ring — Fishy Phonebooth! The Beauty of Public Aquariums
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