Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cool People Profile: Gaspard Walter

Name: Gaspard Walter
Age: 29
Nationality: France
Profession: Novelist, Photographer
Employer: Studio Chine
Quote: "Il n’y a aucune drogue qui ne m’ait pas lassé, aucune substance que mon corps n’ait pas fini par accepter. L’alcool ne me fait plus tourner la tête, la coke se contente de me niquer les muqueuses. Les taz, la mescaline, le speed ont perdu presque tous leurs effets. Je les avale en quantité industrielle, pour jouir de quelques secondes d’un plaisir qui ne ressemble en rien à celui ressenti lors de mes premières prises. C’est l’accoutumance, le début de l’ennui. La violence, elle, ne change pas." Google Translate

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Gaspard Walter is selected as this week's Cool Person Profile because he has never stopped living a life against convention. Like Christopher McCandless (as portrayed in the novel and film Into the Wild) and so many artists before him, he refuses to accept societal rules at face value. Never finishing high school, Gaspard dropped out to make films, which he did for several years. He then sailed for a few years on various boats before finishing his first novel, Snuff, at the age of 28. While working on the novel he became a PADI SCUBA diving instructor, which led him to Thailand, the Maldives, and Cancun Mexico for work. Now he is a professional photographer working for the Paris publisher Studio Chine. He longs to continue seeing the world through his own lens and filter, to write, to photograph, to video, and to lastly die a good death.

For never accepting mediocrity or conventional work regardless of how easy it may have been, and for being the kind of person who seems carefree but really is just braver than most and takes those heartfelt dreams to a tangible reality, Gaspard Walter is certainly a cool person!


  1. i actually met him in thailand. very interesting person indeed!

  2. Sorry for the late reply, but then you are lucky. Gaspard is multi-talented and has recently been creating interactive travel books (starting with Thailand he is now working on Vietnam)... the series is called "Ticket To" and the Facebook page for that project is here: