Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rediscovering running through Nike+ running trophies

I ran in high school but wasn't much beyond a sprinter. I had childhood asthma and never developed endurance in running until later in life. And while I never got up to a marathon, about a year after I rediscovered running in 2005 following a hard breakup, I was up to running about 60 miles per week (96 km) with my longest run topping out around 9 miles.

I fell out of running when I moved to the Maldives, where I lived for two years on a small island you could walk around in about 15 minutes. I sporadically ran on a treadmill but it wasn't the same for me, and I fell out of running by 2008.

Over the last five years I've periodically run but never got back to the level I was starting to get proud of.

Enter: Nike+ and the iPod running combination. I had an old iPod Touch lying around that I used just when traveling so I could have a pocketable device I could use to check and send emails to friends while in WiFi zones on the road. I decided recently to give running another try, and since I'd always thought about the Nike+ running app since it came out, I finally gave in and bought a sensor to use with my iPod. Even though it doesn't have GPS mapping of runs (which would be great), the $25 I spent on the sensor and pouch (to make compatible with my Mizuno Ronin 3 running shoes) seemed a good price point to discover if I could get back into running shape.

I'm still struggling a bit with fatigue and knees aching, but I've found the Nike+ interface quite addictive and helpful in pushing myself to best my personal records. While I wish that Nike+ Fuel could be used to purchase Nike gear (they could pick any price point they wanted, like 250 - 750 Fuel points per dollar), I still think it is an interesting system to help motivate people.

Since I started running again with the Nike+ sensor on March 29, 2013, I've acquired about 10 trophies, but looking at the list of Nike+ Trophies (below), I can't help but want more!

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